Smart Imports

Online Shopping
How it Works?

Ekimport's AI engine "Aryan" deploys unsupervised learning to form groups/clusters/communities of users based on their trading related habits on the platform. This information is used to predict import/export trends and provide profitable trade recommendations. Aryan learns based on group dynamics and price sensitivity of crowd import deals, user activity, preferences, interaction between exporters and buyers and builds related data models.

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot to learn and perceive about the trading scene of a country by combining the data stream generated on Ekimport and publicly available statistical data for that country. We use Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to form groups/communities around crowd importing deals and learn to predict and recommend trading suggestions for these groups/clusters/communities.

Predictions and Recommendations

Aryan predicts high profit trade deals based on groups/clusters/communities formed on the basis of crowd import deals. Launching a crowd import deal with Aryan's recommendation on pricing, timing and buyer outreach is a valuable insight to quickly start trading.